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Robosys Automation Solutions is a one stop robotics and automation company based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat (India). The company provides value added robotics and automation services to meet the automation requirements. By partnering with various foreign companies, Robosys is bringing to market various innovative products and providing professional services in industrial automation and robotics, defense, surveillance, camera/video based quality assurance, vehicle tracking, image based tracking systems and unmanned robots.

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Robosys is involved in developing applications and solutions for the following sectors:

Defense Robotics: Unmanned Vehicle, Target Tracking, Obstacle Detection and Avoidance, Surveillance Systems

Industrial Robotics: Material Handling, Random Depalletizing, Random Palletizing, Machine Tending, Used Robot Retroffiting, PLC based robotics, loading, dispensing, simulation, systems integration, machine automation

Space Robotics: Augmented Reality Solutions, Astronaut Simulation and Training Solutions, Teleoperation

Transportation and Logistics: GPRS based Vehicle Tracking Systems, Personal Trackers

3D Advertising: 3D photographs, stereo-scopic photographs, Anaglyphs from webcams, cost effective 3D advertising

The company specializes in retrofitting robotic control systems to used robots. Robosys builds and deploys real-time robotic systems for random box depalletizing, vision guided robotic systems, robotic painting and welding applications. We provide robot installation, integration and programming services for material handling, machine tending, painting, welding,loading, dispensing applications.

Robosys has experience building unmanned autonomous vehicles. It has developed software for stereo vision, 3D vision, obstacle avoidance, path planning, gps waypoint navigation and autopilot systems for unmanned aerial vehicles.

A video of the unmanned robotic boat, which is being developed in partnership with 5G Marine systems, is available by clicking on the link.

Robosys is a channel partner of Yaskawa Motoman (



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