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3D Product/Mould Design


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Injection Moulding


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Injection Mould/Mold Design and Engineering

We take pride in providing design solutions for highly complicated projects resulting in products that have translated to huge cost savings for the customer. We have an in-house tool-room and research center with the state of the art machinery for providing turn-key solutions to the clients. We are equipped with all the latest technology machines and softwares, which enables us to take on the most challenging projects and help us fulfill customer requirements and meet their expectations. The range of services offered by Precision Technoplast mainly includes:

➢ 3D Product/Mold Design
➢ Reverse Engineering
➢ High Precision Machining and Tooling
➢ CAD/CAM Simulation and programming
➢ Mold flow simulation and analysis
➢ Manufacturing injection molded plastic components including high quality engineering polymers (PEEK, PAEK, PC, Nylon 66, Torlon, PolySulphones, PPS etc).
➢ Manufacturing typical custom made compounds with additives and fillers, blends and alloys.
➢ Robotics Systems Integration, automation, image and vision processing.

We employ the best design engineers who are capable of using state of the art modeling software. We will design a computerized solid model of your product, taking all your manufacturing and marketing requirements into consideration. We will work with you to find solutions to your manufacturing needs. Our design department will analyze, review and suggest changes if required to your design to improve quality and manufacturability.

Our Design Process

Analyze and review design, suggest changes

Design computerized solid model of the product

Design moulds using solid modeling software

Perform mould flow analyses

Machine the details of the tool directly through UG CAD/CAM software


Mould Manufacturing/Tool Room


Precision Technoplast Pvt. Ltd. is capable of constructing high-quality, intricate and efficient injection moulds, whether it be simple single cavity, or complex multi-cavity, moulds. We have a very sophisticated and high-tech Tool Room that produces very advance and precise injection moulds for industrial plastic products, suitable for 15 Ton Machine to 1500 Ton Injection moulding machine. All of our tooling is engineered using high-quality mould bases and selected tool steels for moving parts and cavity inserts.

Our CAD/CAM and direct machining capabilities allow us to take part database files and turn them in to cores and cavities quickly. Our tool room is equipped with state of the art machinery. With the latest technologies available in mould design, we are able to provide high precision moulds which are made to last. With in-house CNC machining centers, EDM spark erosion, EDM wire-cut, EDM drill, Surface grinding, Cylindrical grinding, radial drill, 3 axis tilting milling machines, other conventional machines, heat treating, polishing and chemical etching, we have full control of the mouldmaking process.

Types of moulds we specialize in:

Multi Cavity Moulds

Moulds with hydraulic side cores

Modular Moulds

Moulds with undercut on cavity and core sides

Hot Runner Moulds

Split moulds

Cold Runner Moulds

Moulds with side cores

Insulated Runner Moulds

Unscrewing moulds

Insert Moulds

2 plate and 3 plate moulds


Production / Manufacturing

Controlling the molding process is probably the most critical factor in the overall scope of providing world-class products. We have the latest machinery with programmable microprocessor available in our production department, which helps us achieve high quality standards. Our expertise in the different types of molds including hot runner and insert molding enables us to handle low or high volume production. In addition, some of our machines are equipped with the capability of employing robotic control for efficient molding and reduced cycle times.

Our injection moulded products rank among the top quality products in plastic processing. We follow international standards like DIN and ASTM. We are capable of manufacturing products from a variety of different plastics having a variety of different hardness and applications.

We specialize in manufacturing injection moulded plastic components using high quality engineering polymers (PEEK, PAEK, PC, Nylon 66, Torlon, PolySulphones, PPS etc).

For high precision small components, our manufacturing /production facility uses Arburg machines for best quality and precision. The production capacity of our machines ranges from 15 tonnes to 400 tonnes of clamping force.


Material Testing

We offer consultation services for material testing. We have collaborated with other companies to provide the required services.

We provide the services for the following:

Identification of polymers

Filler contents identification and percentage

Impact strength, tensile strength (Sharp and IZOD)

Identification of Blends and Alloys

Creep Analysis

MFI (Melt Flow Index ) of polymers

Testing of Heat Deflection Temperature (HDT) , melting point and

Requirement of the cross linking agents, additives for heat stabilizers, and UV stabilizers

Rheology of polymers


Quality Control

Visual inspection is carried on by our specialized QC team to check for dimensions, sink marks, manufacturing defects and overall product quality.

Quality assurance is an integral part of any company in today's competitive marketplace, and we take it very seriously. QA at Precision Technoplast is a three-step process:

A visual inspection is performed by our trained machine operators on every part that is made the moment it comes out of our machine using the parameters and critical dimensions set by you, our customer, to identify any rejects

For quality control of critical dimensions identified by the customer, every part is checked with gauges and fixtures

The parts are then randomly inspected once again by our QA personnel at the machine once every hour, and any rejects are logged

Finally, the acceptable parts are boxed, counted, and moved to our quality control department, where they are randomly inspected once again, and the count is verified. The parts are then ready for shipment

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